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Welcome to all the new members!

I saw a funny bumper sticker yesterday so I thought I would share:
It said:

everyone else thinks you're an asshole


That's a great bumper sticker! :-)

Quotes from me : " Life is how you view it. If you are unhappy with life, change your view. You may be surprised how it changes things, because after all, its really all in your mind. Even though your mind isn't really there, because your mind is just a phenomenon." Don't know what i'm talking about? Think about it!

"Do or do not, there is no try" ~Yoda

"If everyone were the same, there would be no point to life."

"If you knew everything, you would not have a reason to live, because there would be nothing left to explore"

If people say bad things about you, there is something wrong with them, because if they are saying things about you, obviously they are so shallow, or their life is so pointless, that they need to point out other things about other people.

There are so many people in this world that are cruel, there are so many great people too. Find the good people, don't try to change the bad ones.

If people make comments about your body, they are insecure about thier own. If people make comments about your sexuality, that also means they are insecure about thier own.

You will never be 100% happy about yourself, so love what you have, and love yourself, because without loving yourself, it is hard to love, and be loved.

In the end, isn't it true, that all we really have is each other?
I mean, what if everyone was gone tommorrow? Would life be worth living.

Think of your memories. How many of them include people? How many of them include material things? Tell you something? :-)

:-).. Have a great day everyone... I hope I gave you some good brain food to chew on! :-) ~Mike
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